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Selected For the Stanford Lead Incubator and Startup Accelerator

Democratising access to MBA admissions

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Why Enroll in Our Programs?

Self - Paced Program

Self paced programs to help you take charge of your MBA application 2024 journey.

Simple Online Enrollment

The process is simple. WYSISYG. Enrol for a program to get started with a specific assistance module that you need.

Deals and Waivers

Simplifying test preparation process for MBA aspirants.

About TheUniEd School

We aim to empower students to change the world. TheUniEd was started in 2022 with a vision to provide access to MBA applicants to resources to ease their way into an MBA or Masters program. Incubated at the Stanford LISA - Lead Incubator and Startup Accelerator our vision is firm - democratise access to higher education.

Get all the assistance you need for Masters and MBA admissions 2024, like MBA essays​, resume, interview preparation for One year MBA in India and International MBA and Masters programs.
With regular group coaching and updates, you get the verified information and support you need to submit your MBA application.

Our Programs

Buckle up, because we're about to embark on an epic adventure to empower the MBA applicants in india.

What do you need for MBA admission 2024?

We prepare you to conquer the challenges faced during my own application journey.

Starting to work on your essay drafts? Where do you start? We give you worksheets, a process and group coaching to understand how to get the right draft essays.

Who should write your reference letter? What should they say about you? 

Still not started with the resume? Not sure of where to start changing your technical resume from?

Getting started with interview preparation? Not sure of what the schools want to hear when they ask you a certain question? 

What about guesstimates?

GOALisB Online training modules answer all these questions and many more!

No more feeling lost in space! Together, we'll launch a new era of accessible, engaging, and successful MBA applications. Let's shoot for the stars and make sure no one's dreams are left stranded on Earth!


Expand your knowledge toolkit by reading from the most prominent experts

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.”

Henry Ford

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