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DIY ISB YLP Stage 2 - Essay Writing Course

  • 12Weeks
  • 12Steps


ISB YLP Stage 2 Essay Writing Course by GOALisB MBA Admission consultants. If you are someone who is considering a Do it yourself approach to writing essays, this is the course for you. Specifically designed for MBA applications, the essay writing course will have worksheets and a step by step approach to writing strong MBA Essays. Remember to register your "purchase" with GOALisB to avail two essay reviews on email from our experts. How does the Essay Review Work? Submit the essay on the form shared with you after registration for Essay review. The essay will be reviewed by our expert and emailed back to you within 72 hours. How long will it take for the essay review? The turnaround time for the essay review is 72 hours per essay. Does this have any essay writing support or consultation? No. There is no essay writing or editing support. You will receive an essay review for the same. It is not the same as essay assistance or admissions consulting package. For that you can check the comprehensive admissions consulting packages with GOALisB. This does not include personal or telephonic consultation of any sort.

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