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GOALisB CoPilot Basic

  • 52Weeks
  • 75Steps


Ignite your MBA journey with the GOALisB CoPilot Starter, a dynamic toolkit designed to empower aspiring applicants like you. What's inside? Crowdsourced videos lessons on test preparation - Verbal and Quant - GMAT/ CAT/ IIM Executive MBA tests - these are videos and playlists suggested by our past admits, which we have compiled for future aspirants to learn from. These range from basics of the concepts to practice exercises, which will give you a good base to start with your test prep. Free "Strengths Finder" Exercise: Explore your strengths and discover how they translate into compelling application narratives with our interactive tool. Free "MBA Matchmaker" Quiz: Find your perfect fit! This quiz will help you identify top MBA programs aligned with your academic background, career aspirations, and preferences. Free "Essay Writing Tips" Mini Course: Join our Mini Course packed with practical strategies and advice to craft impactful MBA application essays. Free "Interview Preparation Checklist": Gain confidence and stay organized with our detailed checklist outlining key steps and considerations for acing your MBA interviews. The Starter Pack is your springboard to success, offering: Expert insights and guidance: Gain valuable knowledge and strategies from seasoned professionals to navigate the competitive landscape of MBA admissions. Dynamic resources to explore your strengths, discover fitting programs, and receive crucial writing and interview preparation tips. Participate in the live Q&A session and connect with fellow aspiring applicants, fostering a supportive and collaborative environment. Take the first step towards your MBA dream. Sign up for the free GOALisB CoPilot Starter today! Ready to unlock your full potential? Explore our comprehensive paid plans offering personalized support, in-depth essay reviews, and customized mock interviews to guide you every step of the way. Start your journey. Reach your goals.

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