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MBA Essay Review

Introducing the "GOALisB MBAce Essay Wizard," a cutting-edge platform designed specifically for MBA applicants who aim to craft compelling and impactful essays for their business school applications.

Developed with our deep understanding of the MBA admissions landscape, this helps evaluate your essays and create essays that stand out.

Get Your Essay Review

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Why MBAce Essay Wizard

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MBAce Essay Wizard is an innovative solution that combines insights with expert guidance to elevate the quality of your MBA application essays. Here’s what makes it an essential tool for aspiring MBA candidates:

  1. Personalized Feedback: The tool provides customized feedback on your essays, focusing on content relevance, narrative structure, and adherence to the specific requirements of your target business school.

  2. Uniqueness Analyzer: With a unique feature that evaluates the originality of your stories and writing style, the tool ensures that your essay is not just well-written but also stands out in terms of creativity and personal touch.

  3. Comprehensive Evaluation Criteria: Essays are assessed based on key parameters such as content, organization, grammar and mechanics, and voice. Each criterion is meticulously evaluated to ensure your essay aligns with the highest standards of MBA application essays.

  4. Avoidance of Common Generic Phrases: The tool specifically identifies and suggests alternatives to commonly used phrases and cliches, encouraging more authentic and engaging expression.

  5. Benchmarking Against Successful Essays: Utilizing a vast database of successful MBA essays, the tool benchmarks your essay against proven examples, giving you an insight into what makes for a successful application.

Sample Essay Review Report

MBA Essay Review.jpg


1 / Deliverables

What will I get after the review?

Please check the sample report above. You will receive this report at the end of the essay review. You get one essay review and it will be done once.

2 / Time

How long will it take for the essay review?

The turnaround time for the essay review is 72 hours per essay.

3 / Does this have any essay writing support or consultation?

No. There is no essay writing or editing support. This is just for essay review. It is not the same as essay or admissions consulting. For that you can check the admissions consulting packages at GOALisB.

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